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Site Usage Terms - Gilmore Beauty

Welcome to the Gilmore Beauty website (the "Website").

The site is a virtual store for the purchase of products and services by the public who surf the Internet.


  1. This policy constitutes a binding contract between the user, As defined below, And between Gilmore Beauty, For all purposes.

  2. It is clarified that browsing the site and / or performing operations on the site, Constitute the user's consent to all that is stated in these regulations, And an undertaking on the part of the user to accept and act in accordance with the provisions of the regulations in full.

  3. In the event that the user does not agree to the terms of these Terms and Conditions, He is asked not to make any use of the Site.

  4. The user and / or anyone on his behalf will not have any claims and / or demands against Gilmore Beauty and / or anyone on its behalf in connection with browsing the website and using the website, Apart from allegations related to the breach of the Company's obligations the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

  5. In the event of any inconsistency and / or inconsistency between the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and the provisions of any other document or publication, Strengthen the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, Unless otherwise expressly provided.

  6. These Terms and Conditions shall have the following terms, The settings next to them:

    1. "User" - any person, Including a corporation, Who visit the site. Only a standing user may perform actions on the site in all The cumulative conditions below:

      1. He's a son 18 and above, Holder of an Israeli identity card or a corporation legally incorporated under the laws of the State of Israel, Legally registered in Israel. If the user is a minor (under age 18) Or is not entitled to perform legal actions without the approval of a guardian 
         "minor"), He must inform his parents and / or his legal guardians (below: "The parents") Regarding the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and obtain their approval to carry out any activity, of any kind, As part of the site.

           The parents have a responsibility to inform the minor who wishes to browse the site about the regulations and to monitor his activities so that he can act on             times The terms of this policy. Any activity that will be performed by the minor on the site constitutes the consent of the minor and / or the parents to the said conditions             The regulations.

       2. He has an active PayPal account.

       3. He has an active credit card

       4. It has an active e-mail box on the Internet.

       5. He has read the bylaws carefully and agrees to all of its provisions.

     "Action" - Is any action taken on the Site, Including the purchase of products and / or items and / or services offered on the site.


     "Product" - Any item and / or service offered for sale on the website.

In these regulations, A single language also means a plural language and vice versa, And male language also means female language, And vice versa, As the case may be.

  1. These Terms may be amended and / or updated at any time by Gilmore Beauty and / or anyone acting on its behalf at their sole discretion. Only the instructions that will be published in the site's rules, When performing any action by the user, Both will apply to the same action, And will charge the user and Gilmore Beauty and / or anyone on its behalf.

  2. It is clarified that Gilmore Beauty may, At its discretion, Stop the activity of the site at any time and without prior notice.

  3. Without derogating from all that is stated in these regulations above and below, Gilmore Beauty reserves the right to prevent access to the site and / or the possibility of performing actions on the site and / or to immediately stop the user's use of the site, In any case in the opinion of Gilmore Beauty, The user has violated the terms of these terms and / or any law and / or if Gilmore Beauty decides that the user has made unreasonable and / or improper use of the site, At its sole discretion, Without Gilmore Beauty being liable for any loss and / or expense and / or damage caused to the user as a result, directly and indirectly, Including mental anguish.

  4. The user undertakes:

    1. Do not upload and / or transmit and / or distribute any information or material that includes a virus and / or software that may sabotage Gilmore Beauty's computer systems and / or that may harm and / or restrict and / or prevent the use of the user or any third party on the site .

    2. Do not make any commercial use of the information contained on the site and / or falsify and / or change it and / or delete it.

    3. The user undertakes not to upload and / or publish any threatening information, offensive, insulting, Private and racist and / or any information that may be such.

    4. The user undertakes to indemnify and indemnify Gilmore Beauty for any damages, Direct or indirect and / or any expense incurred by Gilmore Beauty in connection with the claim and / or demand arising from non-compliance with these provisions.


Services offered on the site

  1. The products offered for sale on the website are care and makeup products of various brands. The site offers a variety of content and / or services and / or actions that change from time to time according to the decision of Gilmore Beauty, And which can include, Among other things, The services listed below and / or any part of them:

    1. Browse and browse various content on the site.

    2. Purchase of products.

    3. Join a mailing list to receive promotions and new products uploaded to the site

    4. Read articles on the site's blog.

Gilmore Beauty may, But do not have to, Choose to disqualify and / or not upload any user-uploaded content to Gilmore Beauty's website and / or Facebook page, At its sole discretion, Including circumstances in which Gilmore Beauty believes the content may harm Gilmore Beauty's name and / or the public's feelings and / or is sexually and / or otherwise sexually explicit and / or otherwise and / or that it may infringe any property rights and / or that Contrary to the provisions of any law and / or for any other reason (Hereinafter: "Offensive Content").

Upload offensive content to Gilmore Beauty's website and / or Facebook page, Will be the sole responsible user, To deny responsibility of Gilmore Beauty, For any damage that may be caused to Gilmore Beauty and / or any third party due to the uploading of such offensive content, Directly and indirectly.



Mailing Subscription -

Receive content information, Marketing and advertising in various media according to the user's choice from the options that will be displayed on the site, As they are presented.

  1. Each user of the services offered on the site hereby declares and confirms, That it gives Gilmore Beauty the full and exclusive right to use the content and confirms and undertakes that Gilmore Beauty may use its name and / or image in any advertising and / or display of the content on the site and / or Facebook page without the user being entitled to any payment from Gilmore Beauty and / or For any mention of his name and / or details. This right of Gilmore Beauty will be preserved indefinitely. also, The user acknowledges that he is aware that from the moment the content is published, The content will be open to the public, For all that this implies, And the user confirms that he took this into account in his decision to use the site and publish content on it.

  2. Every user should refrain from any activity on the site that could harm the good name of Gilmore Beauty in the eyes of the public, Directly and indirectly. In this context, The user undertakes not to act in a way that could damage the company's reputation, Directly and indirectly.


Information that appears on the website  

The user acknowledges that he is aware that there may be errors on the site.  In case of any doubt regarding the information displayed on the website and / or in the case Of a conflict between the information displayed on the site and itself and / or between various Gilmore Beauty publications, It's the user's responsibility to contact Gilmore Beauty customer service to verify the information, In any case, the user will not be allowed to rely on any such contradictory information.

  1. To remove all doubt, The information contained on the website does not constitute a recommendation and / or opinion of Gilmore Beauty and / or anyone on its behalf, And to the extent that a user chooses to rely on any information displayed on the Site, He does so at his own risk.

  2. In the event of an error in the price of a product appearing on the website, And the user purchased the product based on the price error, This error will not bind Gilmore Beauty provided that Gilmore Beauty has notified the user of the error within a reasonable time, And will enable him to cancel his purchase within a reasonable time after receiving her said notice.

  3. The type of products and the quantities of products that will be offered for sale on the website, Shall be determined at the sole discretion of Gilmore Beauty and she shall be entitled, At any time, Add and / or subtract products, and determine and change the price of products on the site at any time, All at its sole and absolute discretion, And without the need for prior notice.

  4. The products displayed on the website are for sale while stocks last or any other date set by Gilmore Beauty, At its sole discretion.

  5. The images and / or designs of the products on the website are intended for illustration only and the user will be prevented from claiming against the company against receiving a product which does not match the image of the said product.

  6. The Company has no responsibility for information originating from third parties and does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. The sole responsibility in such a case will apply to the third parties or to the user himself.


Purchase on site

  1. The site allows the purchase of products, Of those appearing in it.

  2. To place an order for a product, The product must first be selected, And then select more details regarding the above product, Such as color and size, Everything according to the options that will appear on the site.

  3. For each product offered on the site will be displayed "Product Page" It will show the details of the product offered and the sale price (Hereinafter: the "Product Page"). It will be clarified, That Gilmore Beauty may update the Product Page at any time, Add details or subtract details from it, Remove out-of-stock products, To change (Add and / or subtract) Colors and / or sizes as well as change the price of the product, All at its absolute discretion.

  4. The prices displayed on the website include VAT according to law, Unless otherwise expressly stated.

  5. In order to make a purchase on the site, The user will be asked to enter his e-mail address on the site, And type basic details such as name, Address, phone number and his PayPal account. In order for the order to be executed quickly and without incident, care must be taken to provide the correct details, Otherwise Gilmore Beauty will not be able to guarantee the booking (Hereinafter: "placing the order"). Gilmore Beauty reserves the right to take any legal action against users who have provided it with incorrect information - intentionally and / or accidentally, Including tort claims for damages that will be caused to the company due to the disruption of the operation of the site.

  6. The information provided by the user of the site will be used, among the rest, To send an e-mail regarding special promotions or updates on the site, However, this is only after obtaining the user's approval. In the event that a user has received such e-mail even though he does not wish to do so, The user undertakes to immediately send a notice to Gilmore Beauty, And give Gilmore Beauty a reasonable amount of time to remove his e-mail address from the company's mailing lists.

  7. The order will be completed only after providing all the requested details on the site and receiving confirmation from PayPal on the execution of the said charge. In case the transaction was not approved by PayPal - The user will receive an appropriate message.

  8. In addition to completing the order as stated, The completion of the purchase will be conditional on the requested products being in stock at the time of completion of the order. In the case of a product that is out of stock and / or that there is a problem with its delivery, The company will be entitled to notify the user of the cancellation of the order. Such notice will be delivered to the user by e-mail and / or by telephone, By Gilmore Beauty's Choice. In such a case, The user will not have any claim against Gilmore Beauty and in fact placing the order, The user waives any such claim, Except for a claim in connection with the refund of the money paid by him in respect of the product whose purchase was canceled. Gilmore Beauty reserves the right to limit the amount of products purchased for each order.

  9. Every order will be registered on the company's computers, And subject to site restrictions, It will be possible to see it and follow its treatment at the link "my account" On the site. A confirmation of the order will also be sent by e-mail within 48 Hours from completion of purchase. Will be clarified and emphasized, Sending an e-mail regarding the registration of the order in Gilmore Beauty's computerized system does not constitute evidence of the completion of the purchase and the sending of the e-mail does not obligate the company. It is clarified that the company's computer system records, Which include a computerized and automatic registration of all actions on the site, Constitute prima facie evidence of what is said in them.


Product supply

  1. Gilmore Beauty will deliver the product purchased on the site to the address as typed on the order page, Within the time specified on the product order page, And in accordance with the delivery terms specified on the order page, Unless otherwise expressly stated - subject to full payment for the product via PayPal only.

  2. It is clarified that the delivery times listed above are approximate times. Gilmore Beauty and / or anyone acting on its behalf will not be responsible for any delay and / or delay in delivery and / or non-delivery of a product caused as a result of events beyond their control, including: war, Hostilities, emergency, Natural disasters, Strike at suppliers of goods needed for the production and / or transportation of products and / or force majeure.

  3. also, Gilmore Beauty and / or anyone acting on its behalf will not be responsible for delays and / or delays in delivery and / or For the non-delivery of a product caused as a result of providing incorrect information by the user of the site.

  4. In the event of a delay in the delivery and / or non-delivery of a product due to any reason beyond the control of Gilmore Beauty due to the discretion of Gilmore Beauty or the shipping company, The destination for the delivery of the products is in areas that are restricted for access from a security point of view, The company may deliver the products to the user at a nearby and acceptable location by prior arrangement with the user. The company and the user have not reached an agreement regarding the alternative place of delivery, The company will be entitled to cancel the order.

  5. The delivery of the products will be conditional on the presentation of the user's identity card


Security and privacy

Gilmore Beauty and / or anyone acting on its behalf will take all acceptable and reasonable measures to maintain, As much as possible about the confidentiality of the information. The user's personal details (Name, e-mail, etc.), Will be stored in Gilmore Beauty's database.

  1. Gilmore Beauty is a secure site, The data that will be entered into the system by customers when registering and / or browsing and / or purchasing, Will remain confidential and secure. In order to protect the confidentiality of the information, Gilmore Beauty operates through an e-commerce protocol (SSL- Secure Socket Layer) Used to encrypt data from the moment it is received in the system until it is transferred to the Gilmore Beauty website system.

  2. It will be emphasized, Because the PayPal account details of users who perform operations on the site are not stored at all in Gilmore Beauty systems.

  3. It will be clarified that despite the company's efforts to secure the data contained on the site, There may still be cases of hacking into the site's information systems, And disclosure of the data contained therein to any third parties, Gilmore Beauty and / or anyone acting on its behalf will not be liable for any damages, Indirect or direct, Which will be caused to any user, And / or anyone on his behalf, as a result.

  4. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, It is clarified that Gilmore Beauty and / or anyone on its behalf will not bear any responsibility for any damage caused to users due to the disclosure of the PayPal details they typed on the site and / or provided by them to the company's customer service center. (In exceptional cases where it will not be possible to type this data into the website) - Between those that were actually used for the purpose of purchasing products and those that were not.

  5. Gilmore Beauty undertakes that it will not use the details of the users registered on the site, but only for the purposes of operating the site and in order to enable the purchase to be made on the site, And, for the purpose of maintaining contact with the user and sending mailings. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Gilmore Beauty may transfer a user's personal details to a third party in cases where the user has committed an act or omission that harms and / or may harm Gilmore Beauty and / or any third parties and / or in a case where the user has used the company services to commit an illegal act and / or The company has received a court order or demand from a competent body instructing it to provide the user's details to a third party and / or in any dispute or legal proceeding. also, The company can use the user's personal details, Without the specific user ID, For the purpose of analyzing statistical information and presenting and / or passing it on to other parties.


Limitation of liability and indemnification

  1. Gilmore Beauty is not responsible for any damage, Including due "Viruses" And / or various malfunctions and / or software applications, To the user's computer equipment or to any other property of the user, Caused by access to or use of the Site, Including due to downloading information from the site.

  2. Gilmore Beauty and / or anyone acting on its behalf will not be liable for any damage caused to the products due to use made by the user not in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

  3. It will be clarified, Because in any case, Gilmore Beauty and / or anyone on its behalf will not bear any responsibility that exceeds the value of the purchased product. also, Gilmore Beauty and / or anyone acting on its behalf will not be liable for any indirect damage caused to the user, As a result of using the website and / or purchasing the products on the website, And for whatever reason.

  4. Any user who makes improper use of the website and / or violates any of the provisions of these regulations and / or violates any of the provisions of the law, Undertakes to indemnify and indemnify Gilmore Beauty and / or anyone acting on its behalf for any claim and / or expense and / or damage of any kind and type, Which will be caused by Gilmore Beauty and / or anyone on its behalf, As a result, This is immediately upon receipt of a written request from Gilmore Beauty, This is without detracting from any relief to which Gilmore Beauty and / or anyone on its behalf are entitled by law.

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